Lexi belle said that she never even performed oral before


Lexi Belle, also known as Lexi Williams, Lexi Bell, and Nollie, is an American porn star. She has a C cup bust and often changes her hair color. She had a rough childhood and she states that she was a shy girl during her high school. At some point, she was approached by a porn agent and was intrigued by the offer, so she went to the set with him.

Lexi Belle claims that seeing a porn star being banged by two guys made her wanna try it, and soon she did. Her porn debut happened in 2006, and yes, it was a scene with two dudes banging her. She says that she was inexperienced and that she didn’t even know what to do. Being a shy girl, she always had sex with the lights off, so shooting porn in a bright room with other people around must have felt weird.

She said that she never even performed oral before, and that first time she did it was on the set. Anyway, Lexi Belle learned how to relax and she learned a lot about her body, and soon she was doing scenes with much more ease and pleasure. Soon she was shooting a lot of straight and lesbian scenes and became quite famous. She starred in several porn parodies and says that she loved doing them.

She even started her own website that features her own production, and she is very happy to choose her sex partners and scenes by herself. Once a shy girl, now she has a lot of fetish and BDSM scenes, among many others, making her well-known and diverse porn star. She had starred in a lot of Kink.com production scenes, and that made her quite popular among fans, while also earning her new opportunities for future films.

Date: September 4, 2017
Actors: Lexi Belle

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