Maci Winslett And Sammie Daniels Please A Lucky Guy


These two hotties are ready celebrate and do so by sucking this lucky dudes dick. Teamwork never felt so good. Maci Winslett and Sammie Daniels handle the shaft and pave the way like a dump truck dropping sand before hopping up and getting ready to finish the job.

Two hotties suck cock

This guy must have done something right to have two beautiful women sucking on his gear. The blonde swallows the rod while the brunette sucks the balls. A beautiful site to behold. It’s a wonderful birthday surprise.

The two stand up so he can grab some buns and check out some titties. Adding to the sexiness of the entire scene. It’s about time for some sex the three conclude. Everyone finds a position and holds up their cards. This is some mighty fine teamwork, the two girls wink at one another.

Manifesting the human centipede but in a sexy way, the three dance in union. One licking, one thrusting, one enjoying. It’s a mutual win win win. I hadn’t heard of these two babes until today. So I gotta write their names again to remember more clearly. Maci Winslett And Sammie Daniels! Must be two new starlets unless they have somehow just been missing by radar. Glad to have found them since I like fucking girls that look like this, it feeds my fire.



Date: February 19, 2017

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