Ariana Marie Has Lesbian Adventures With Dakota Skye


Ariana Marie and Dakota Skye enjoy some hot tub time together after a blood pumping workout. The two petite teens explore each other up and down. Kissing and stripping until both are entirely naked. Ariana Marie licks Dakota’s pussy passionately and the two moan together before switching positions.

Dakota Skye licks Arianna Maries pussy

The two porn stars are enjoying their lesbian adventure together. Last time we heard from Ariana she was fucking her classmate after class. Good to see her keeping up with her shenanigans!

Ariana Marie licks Dakota Skyes Asshole

Dakota Skye seems to enjoy getting her asshole licked in the hot bubbly water. Ariana waste no time in rubbing her stimulated clit. Last time we saw Dakota she was getting fucked in the ass. The two make the best lesbian friends, and are sure to endure a long and enjoyable relationship.

Date: July 14, 2017

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