Janice Griffith Is The Help That Does More Than Just Accounting


Janice Griffith is one sexy secretary. She has a perfect body with skin the shade of a well made cup of coffee. Fishing for a raise she makes her way to her bosses office to talk out the details.

Upon arrival with her notes and sexy dress on, she notices a pad of paper on the table. It’s a wish list. On her bosses wish list it reads “Receive blow job from accountant”. The thought of her boss thinking about her gets her panties wet and she decides this is going to be easier than she thought. Her boss comes in while she’s holding the paper in her hand and gets flushed in the face. “Looks like you want an Audi Q7 and  a blow job today?”. “Well I just got back from buying the Audi so there’s only one thing left for today..” The two giggle and decide to take it to the office’s nap area for further discussion.

Jannice Griffith sucks dick so good she negotiated a $25 raise per hour with a blow job. The boss is happy with the arrangement, as she is a good worker and earns the company so much he considers this a free fuck. She glides her hand over her bosses dick and pulls it from its holster like a rabbit from a hat. We knew it was in there but we didn’t know what kind of rabbit it would be. Her boss enjoys his mid afternoon blow job.

It keeps getting better! The two have such fun with the blowjob they decide to fuck each other. Her pearls rest on a well manicured bed adding flavor to the whole situation. Jannice Griffith truly is a sexy porn star with an attitude I’m not looking to tick and an ass that’ll make you pull your dick out.


Date: January 24, 2017

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