Asa Akira Cheating wife Dreaming of her big-dick butler


Asa Akira is a hot Asian trophy wife that came directly from Japan. At least that is what she wants her rich but dumb and old husband to think. They were in the bed and she was having a wet dream, calling their butler’s name. Mistaking it for a nightmare, her clueless hubby leaves the butler to keep her company and goes to the other room to get some sleep.

The young butler stays and quickly discovers two things. The first one is that Asa Akira can actually speak English, and the second is that she is a raging slut that wants to him to fuck her. Not having any complaints with that idea, since the Asian hottie looked even hotter in her lacy black nightie, he gladly pulls his big boner out and lets the horny slut feast on it while taking it as deep in her throat as she is able to.

He strips completely naked, and with his cock in the full erection, he places the slut on Asa Akira back and spreads her long legs. Seeing that he has met a true slut, he wants to put her skills to the test, so he neglects her pussy and rams his cock straight down her ass. He was proven to be right because her ass showed no resistance and took the entire length of his big boner with ease while she moaned and asked for more, so he gave it to her while rubbing her twat.

He placed her on top of him in a reverse cowgirl position and banged her ass while she vigorously rubbed her pussy that started to squirt like a fountain. Her horny twat got some fucking too, but her tight ass was the main attraction of the anal show that continued into the night.

Date: September 22, 2017
Actors: Asa Akira

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