Kimmy Granger Wants Her Lover To Cum on Her Tummy


Kimmy Granger is a horny broad with a thirst for Gatorade and the need for dick. Wearing nothing but some tight stockings. Her boy gets worked up, the two got chemistry, the fucking inevitably commences. The two fuck like rabbits in the breeding pen. Kimmy Granger is a sex kitten.

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Look at that focus, Kimmy Granger is ready to suck the nut out the sack. He smiles in anticipation. Porn stars doing what they do. She got some titties.

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Kimmy Granger getting her pussy licked from behind. Arousing her spiri she shakes and rolls her eyes into the back of her head to peep some brain.

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Kimmy Granger getting filled up with dick while he thinking about traffic looking out the window. “So much traffic!” it must be a holiday. He thrust in, pulls out, and repeats like a minute hand.

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After fucking for awhile her boyfriend pulls out and shoots a fat load of cum on her tummy. Kimmy Granger is happy with her cumshot and takes a nap.

Date: May 5, 2017
Actors: Kimmy Granger

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