Alexis Brill Seduces The Marketing Manager In The Office


Alexis Brill is brainstorming ideas to pitch their product to the world when suddenly her pussy gets wet. Standing to her feet and walking to the book case she hikes up her skirt and his spirits. The coffee maker bubbles in the background, adding a sweet aroma of motivation to the whole porn set.

Alexis Brill in panties

Sliding a hand in her panties and giving her muffin a cream swirl she gasps in pleasure. “Do you think I should buy some traffic plugs?” she whispers in his ear before rubbing his cock. “I do” he mumbles and squeezes her butt.

A desk lamp adds some light to the situation. Sliding panties aside he feasts in good company. The books balanced and she raised a leg and got what she wanted.

Eyeing his goal and studying his target he finger bangs the hot social media marketer. The two enjoy their hot brainy idea storming session.

Laying on the mahogany desk she enjoys a playful fuck. He grabs hold and pulls as if pushing didn’t exist, and then pushes his dick back inside. Alexis Brill is a pretty hot secretary fuck.

Alexis Brill Creampie

The scene ends with a creampie delight. The two giggle and smooch. The porn was filmed by the Babes studio.


Date: February 23, 2017

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