Naomi Woods Fucks Her Friends Brother In The Bedroom



Naomi Woods is at it again being a naughty little girl. She cast a love spell on her friends boyfriend, and there’s not a thing he wants to do about it. Having both fantasized about this little fuck session for days prior, it finally comes into fruition.

She checks that daily statistics and finds that she isn’t on her period, so things are going according to plan. Not that she would mind getting fucked on her period, lay a sheet down, #SaveTheSheets!

Her friends brother walks in on her analyzing the data available. Noticig her getting her smart on kinda gave him an erection. But getting from here to there is another game in and of itself. The two talks for awhile before the oxytocin starts flowing. There isn’t much the two can do but give into temptation now. Sure it is her friends brother, but why would she mind? She may even end up with a super cool new sister in the family, am I right?

Things are heating up now that she has his dick in her mouth. She sucks it like politics suck. Her vibe glows and her soul shows. Taking the scenic route up and down the massive cock, she becomes immersed in the moment.

Look at those perfect little Naomi Woods titties. Her friends brother slides his cock up into her health flavored pussy with delight. She purses a hand against the wall to stop herself from accidentally hitting the light switch on the wall. Her perfect ass is a wonderful handful we’d all like to rub a little bit.

Moaning in pleasure she takes the top and rides the cock up and down. She ebbs and flows the dick you could say. Ready to collect her purse and eat some grub with a beer, she moves faster and faster before tightening her pussy around his cock like a vice grip. The throbbing penis sends sensations throughout her body enhancing her perception and stimulating her pleasure nerves.

Naomi Woods gets it from behind

The fun doesn’t stop there, the two get into some doggy style action for awhile before he climaxes and they return to reality. It’s time to get a move on she thinks, as she goes back to number crunching. The only way to stay on top of it is to organize and recognize. Goddess got fucked. Sexy porn and shit going on. Porn scene experts wrote this bitch.

Date: January 17, 2017

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