Nancy A Takes A Break From Studying


Nancy A is just trying to keep her grades up. With all the class work piling up she considers getting a cup of coffee just to keep up with it all! Her study buddy from physics class comes over to talk quantum entanglement just as she was feeling horny, what a coincidence.

Nancy A titties

Giving her a back rub to release the tension of all her class work sure is a tough job, but somebody had to do it. The more he massages her shoulders the more she craves to just hop on that dick and ride her worries away. She wishes there was a free adult social network she could find more friends like this, just in case this one graduates or changes schools or she may just want to try a new flavor.

Nancy A Rides cock

And that’s exactly what happens. She then proceeds to get all her assignments done on time even surprising herself with the quality of ideas she’s having after the help from her friend. That next day while walking around the dude noticed a boost in confidence from his previous fuck session with the beautiful blonde, seeming a bit more motivated then usual he decides he will learn more about physics and quantum entanglement. Nancy A is a hot porn star, we all can agree on that. The scene ends with a pretty epic cream pie she proceeds to catch in her palm like a landing dove.

Date: March 6, 2017
Actors: Nancy A

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