Kate Upton An American model, actress, and a horse rider


An American model, actress, and a horse rider (you probably didn’t know that she did that too), Kate Upton is a name that’s known everywhere, not only in fashion circles. Starting in Miami in 2008, and then moving to New York City, she modeled clothing at first.

In 2011, she finally decided to show more of her fabulous figure and appeared in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. That was the day the Kate Upton as we know her was born, and when the public had the first opportunity to see this beauty’s amazing body. Tight swimsuits that she continued to wear on catwalks and photo sessions for this and other famous fashion magazines do little to hide her voluptuous curves, they seem to pronounce them even more.

Tight and often skimpy tops struggle to contain her big natural boobs and seem like they are going to burst any moment and let her tits jump out in all their glory for everyone to see. But, somehow the material withstands the pressure and keeps them high and squeezed one against another, making them look like two big globes of wonderful flesh that shakes and giggles with every firm step she makes while running the catwalk.

On some other occasions, her boobs were unsuspended and freely swayed under the wet t-shirt, so no one was left to wonder what her nipples might look like, they were clearly visible. Her blonde hair and beautiful face add to her amazing body and seeing her exiting a swimming pool or seductively sucking a popsicle make any man’s head full of all kinds of kinky thoughts. She keeps her body tanned and toned, and her butt is pronounced just like it should be, giving her an amazing figure when combined with her flat belly and ample bosom.

Date: September 8, 2017
Actors: Kate Upton

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