Lana Rhoades Is A Luxurious Escort Who Enjoys An Anal Adventure


Tired of her full time office job that barely meets the needs, Lana Rhoades asks her friend who is rolling in the dough, how she can do the same. With an open mind and wide eyes she listens to her roommate intently while she describes how she gets at least $3,000 a night for fucking rich dudes down by the bay, where the watermelons grow, back to my home, Blare the stereo.

Lana Rhoades Office worker

As you can see she is intently balancing the required variable to elevate the company to the highest degree of success feasible while creating jobs for the next generation of humans. But it just isn’t enough for her, so she throws on some lingerie and gets down to making that cash moolah money my G.  She got dat hustle like a snake in the grass. Turning on the lawn mower so the neighbors cannot hear what’s going on, she slips into something a bit more comfortable and makes her way to her first clients home where she will be performing vaginal and anal sex in no time.

She crouches down on the bed and makes her way to his face like Hey hey hey! Her hair falls elegantly while her boobs poke out the top of her bra. Barely containing the fun bags enclosed. She stares in disbelief that she is about to get money for having sex. Such an easy pay check she thinks, sliding her hand up and down the phallus palace known as his pants.

They start it off slow with a bit of pussy action, she folds her legs back like she’s a fappy bird trying to fly. Moaning out in pleasure she says “OOOH FUCK ME HARDER YOU BRITISH CUNT”, “I WANT TO CUM A STREAM OF PINK GLITTERY PISS ON YOUR FACE”. He looks taken a back, as that wasn’t part of the deal, and he’s not even British, so they continue on. Having tired of this pussy sex he moves a finger into her butt and wiggles it around like he’s twerking. “THE PATRIOTS WIN THE SUPERBOWL!” he screams out in excitement, before sliding a dick in her ass.

“Oh yes bitch, You liketh this cocketh in that pussyeth?” he whispers into her mouth. She says “I do enjoy your hamburg in my taco sir” she replies back heavenly. Her nipple peers out over her arm almost greeting you with a high five. She’s ready for that cock to sink so far inside her buttocks that her butt literally talks and speaks up and is like “Yo yo yo, Humans I am a part of, Change the Position!” And they obey.

He lifts her up and dicks her hard like a real estate agent pushing a shit property on marsh land. Forcing a foot long Subway sandwich sized phallus into her hole. She takes it with ease like an eagle in flight. There is no need to rush here, as we’re not looking to turn that ass hole inside out by any means. But if it were to turn inside out, you could put a candle in it and light it and take a picture, that would be great. If that does happen, and pussy candle lighting becomes a thing, submit the pictures, you funny fucks.

Date: January 29, 2017

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