Alex Blake Auditions And Fucks For Cash Money


Alex Blake is a petite girl with an ass and titties and a tight pussy. She dials into an alternate dimensions and channels her inner slut into one quality fuck scene recorded in history as a porn video. Sasquatch cock and roses for this girl. If someone searched in a search engine for “Petite girl fucked in all positions” this would be relevant and of quality. She’s not wearing Yoga Pants, but the outfit is good.

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At first she’s here on a clean bed with her clothes on. It took her awhile to pick out her out fit but she finally got one she liked and made her way to where we are now. She has some nice paintings on the wall and is being asked questions like what is your favorite colors and do you believe in aliens. She responds witty and cleverly to all the questions thrown her way. He decides that he does like her and offers up his cock but not before she gets all oiled up with some baby oil..

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She rubs it on her ass with her hand. She has a gold bracelet on and a picture in the background and now she also has a oiled up hot ass. Girls with hot asses with baby oil on them are hard to come by, yet here we are, giving you all of this awesomeness.

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She lays down and he slides up inside her, she moans in pleasure, little boobies with nipples. She just got her nails done and got a new pair of earrings as well. The camera gets all the perfect angles, which you can see by watching the video of this above. Clicking play is a great way to get started, jump around the time line and find what you like. Once you find what you like you can pull your dick our or you can slide your hands in your panties and rub. Or you can find each other and fuck. The possibilities are endless. Alex Blake is about to ride a cock in her first scene ever in the next picture.

She hops up on the dick and rides it like a pro with her pretty hair galloping in he wind. He zooms in with the camera to get a picture of her perfect pussy and ass hole that he intends to jerk off to later with glee and great fond remembrance. The two fuck for awhile and then have orgasms at the same time before they make a snack and watch netflix and wake up in the morning to look at a new piece of real estate they consider fixing up and reselling or having and turning into a grow house or renting, which reminds me of the time Alex Blake fucked her land lord for rent, The sex was good and got better I imagine.

Date: February 3, 2017

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