Kylie Quinn Buys A New House And Fucks The Real Estate Agent


Kylie Quinn is in the market for a new house and meets up with her real estate agent to check out a property. She likes the look of the house and the look of the dude showing it to her.

Kylie Quinn buys real estate

Checking her phone to see if her boyfriend is almost here to check out the house with her, he responds saying he can’t make it. Kylie Quinn hikes her shorts up until they fold around her pussy like a body water in an ice cube tray.

Kylie Quinn gives real estate agent a blowjob

The two hit it off and she prescribes him a blowjob, he happily fills the script. Sucking his massive shlong while he looks down her shirt and peeps the heart chakra. Her eyes posses the fire of a million burning suns while her bra contains the joy of a million dollars in a dufflebag handed to you by a billionaire with no strings attached.

Kylie Quinn fucked on couch

Having had enough of sucking dick she’s ready to get her pleasure and lays back on the couch after slowly removing her clothes. He watched in anticipation until she finally rolled back and lifted her legs up, allowing him easy access to plug into her pleasure socket. He rails out like snowboarders in the winter season.

Kylie Quinn pink pussy

Bending her over and shoving his cock 8 inches inside of her she moans in pleasure and climaxes multiple times like a hiker reaching the peak of the same mountain several times. Her face gets stuck to the leather couch and when she picks her head up it’s got a nice red leather pattern that only turns him on more…..!

Kylie Quinn cumshot

Telling Kylie Quinn that he’s ready to cum she quickly drops down on her knee and tell him to cum in her mouth. He tells her she’s not getting a discount and she says that’s alright, she’s loaded. He blows a gallon of cum on her face one string at a time, like a programmer writing a chat bot. The two finish up and she says she’ll think about the house. Kylie Quinn also got tied up and fucked one time as well as got a creampie delivered to her oven.

Date: April 11, 2017
Actors: Kylie Quinn

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