Alex Blake Fucks Her Landlord For Her Rent


There’s more than one ways to pay a bill apparently. Alex Blake is behind on her rent and proceeds to work her way out of it the only way she knows how. She sucks and fucks her landlord like a pro. She has a nice little body with a perfect set of tits just begging to be nutted on.


She slips out of those tight booty shorts and that top and we couldn’t be happier about it. She has a banging body. I almost can’t even get over it. I really want to wrap those thighs around my head.


She shows off that tight little pussy. It looks so good I could eat it for breakfast lunch and dinner. She surely is one sexy young porn star that is ready to take a big cock in any hole.


She has a beautiful dick sucking face. Look at those perfect white teeth she wraps around his throbbing member and coaxes a nut from the depths. Her beautiful eyes peer into your soul and pull the beauty from it for the world to see. Lust and passion ignite and intertwine like kool aid in water.


He bends this bitch over and shoves his cock in her pussy. She moans in pleasure and her body shakes as she nears orgasm almost instantly. This is surely going to result in some wonderful juices. No lube needed.


He puts he down on her back and thrust in and out until her eyes roll back in her head. He has complete control over his dick and can ensure she reaches a leg shaking orgasm that pops her eyes a half a millimeter from the typical resting place.

All in all a good fuck, and rent got paid.

Date: January 11, 2017

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