Anal Queen Riley Reyes Is Excited To Fuck


Riley Reyes is an anal entrepreneur and is excited to get her ass pounded out by this hunk of meat. She’s got a tight body and an even tighter ass. Perfect titties and no clothes on, just the way we like it. Though it would be even better if she started with some panties on and took them off slowly. She’s got a box full of toys and is about to have an ass full of cock.

You can see the excitement in her eyes as her fuck toy pulls his wang out and waves it in front of her like a carrot. Her face lights up and her pussy gets wetter than the nearest river.

The two cut to the chase and he lubes his rod up and crams it in there. It doesn’t fit at first but by the time he’s done he has a bit of wiggle room. She moans in pleasure and tells him to go deeper, to which is humbly obliges.

Flipping her over like a pancake he goes in from another angle, she spreads her cheeks and he grabs hold her arm for extra pull. The two thrust back and forth oscillating moans of pleasure.

Ready to give herself an even better orgasm she pulls out her vibrator and rubs it on her clit while he tackles her ass from above. She looks down at a job well done and squeezes her titty in excitement.

As he is about to nut she gets down on her knees and jerks off his cock until he blows a fat load deep into her throat. The two collapse on the couch before making dinner and watching their favorite show.

Date: February 20, 2017

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