Rich Girl Alex Grey Gets Aggresively Fucked In Every Hole


Alex Grey ClothedPetite little teen Alex Grey gets my blood flow redirected from Brain #1 to Brain #2. She sports a tight little body. I’m pretty excited to tell you more about it. Pay attention, I’ll turn it into something useful.

Look at this babe in her white shirt and no pants. Blond hair falling to her shoulder as she peers into the distance divining the future from a cloud. The power socket behind her stares in awe at the beauty sitting atop the counter aside him. She strokes her ankle to get herself excited. Peering faithfully out the window waiting for her rich boyfriend to get home and take her to the room to pound on her tight pussy for at least an hour.

A memory of their last fuck session crosses her mind getting her more and more excited for the passionate sex that’s about to go down. Her little thigh twitches a bit as she moves her hand up her leg searching for her panties to pull them to the side and rub that cunt bitty.

Once her lover gets home, she starts the seduction routine. He recognizes all the signals and takes the opportunity.

Alex Grey gets pussy licked

Stuffing his face in her perfect pussy. I’m super excited to bring this picture to your screen. He buries that nose in her ass smelling to see what she ate for lunch, and sticks Alex Grey’s pussy on his mouth like a G’.

Alex Grey Blowjob

She returns the favor by grabbing his dick and giving him a perfect blowjob while her naked body sits on the counter top. IT’s a perfect place to fuck because after they can go and make something to eat. Granted there is anything in the fridge. If not they could always go out to Pizza Hut and drink a couple beers and after do it all again before watching some netflix and smoking a fat blunt and hanging out with the coolest of friends mother fucker.

Alex Grey gets passionately fucked

Alex Grey Pussy Fucked

Making way to the bedroom where they fuck all the fucking time, she falls on her back and he sticks a fat cock right up in her pussy. Sliding into that slit must be super enjoyable and we can only look on in envy, or is it just a goal? Set one and get it, you gotta pay shipping and handling.

Alex Grey epic anal

He shoves  a dick inside her ass and hits deep. It’s straightening her spine and making her sit and stand up straight which is beneficial to everyone she cums into contact wit. That cute little body bends and flexes in ways I didn’t even know were possible. Honestly i’m getting a little hard just thinking about this. I’d be harder if I rubbed it a little.

Alex Grey anal 2

She takes control of the situation and gets on top, sliding down on that pole and stretching her ass hole just a little bit. It quickly recovers and becomes the tightest butt hole once again. Her little titties look cute as three little birds on a power line. The pillows are fluffed and the sheets are made from Egyptian pubic hairs.

Alex grey cumshotHe’s about to nut. Alex Grey gets low and wraps that cute mouth around his penis. She has a cute face with perfect features and thighs I’d deep fry and gobble up. Making my way to that tight little box. I’d roll myself up and stick myself in her pussy like a tampon. Fermenting for several years and to back stronger than ever having absorbed the vital energy abound.

Her cute choker chain lets you know she’s a horny slut. The nutrients available in the cum she drinks keeps her skin fresh and healthy. Check back for more updates, you know the deal bro.


Date: January 17, 2017

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