Sierra Nicole Fucks The Landlord To Avoid Eviction


Sierra Nicole is a pretty blonde ready to earn her keep after bouncing a check all the way down a winding path. Upon discovery of her insufficient balance she rattles her brain as to how she can pay this months rent without breaking the bank. Her and her land lord land upon an agreement where she gives a blowjob and gets fucked. Being a nymph fairy she agree’s  to the proposal.

Sierra Nicole

Ready to gobble a dick she drops to her knee and pulls it out like a jedi does a light saber. Having walked this path before she veers around the room and whispers “This is going to be the best blow job ever” before she spits on his dick. He giggles and responds “Prove it”.

She looks up “I told you so” beaming from her eyes. Titties hanging from their home she reaches her other hand up your land and rub yours nut sack.

Flipped over like a pancake, he stuffs his rod into her gear box. She groans like a trumpet in heat, bouncing notes off the wall. Sound rains from the ceiling, lust throughout the room. Sierra Nicole makes a porn. She can’t afford her rent, but now she can.

Date: February 18, 2017

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