Alex Grey Is Ready To Try Anal


Preparing her whole life for this day, Alex Grey is finally ready to try anal. Her barely older than her babysitter is coming over and she tells her friend on the phone that she’s going to convince him to stick his throbbing member into her tightest cavern.

Alex Grey Sundress

Wearing her sexy sundress and looking cute as an angel sitting on a feathered bed in gods chambers. You can almost see her panties, but she doesn’t have any on!

Alex Grey pussy

Rubbing her pussy and getting her partner excited. She tells him that she will suck his cock if he promises to fuck her in the ass. “Is that even a question?!” he asks, sliding a hand toward her perfect pussy.

Alex Grey blowjob

She holds up her end of the bargain and gives the most beautiful blow job. Getting the cock as wet and lubed up as possible, since she knows where it goes next.

Alex Grey anal

Sliding in easier than expected she has her tiny ass hole opened wide and loves every minute of it. “I had no idea it would feel that good!” she says before having an orgasm rubbing her clit.


Date: March 6, 2017
Actors: Alex Grey

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