Alix Lynx Sucks & Fucks With Passion


Alix Lynx is a thick blonde with an attitude and a passion for fucking. Knowing exactly what she wants in every second of every minute, she isn’t afraid to take charge of the situation and pull a handful of dick out its cave. Wearing a short mini skirt with a red top she makes her way to her dinner. Unzipping his pants slowly as she gauges his reaction like a tire pressure gauge measures PSI.

Alix Lynx

The look of seduction in her eye catches his and souls entwine in a moment of connection. He stares down Alix Lynx’s shirt to catch a glimpse of her big titties.

Alix Lynx fucked

Grabbing her legs he pulls her close and buries his big cock deep inside her tight wet hole. The two share a memorable fuck. The wonderful porn star Alix Lynx fucks this big dick wearing nothing but a fat set of titties and a cute face.

Date: May 8, 2017
Actors: Alix Lynx

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