Ariana Marie Fucks Her Classmate After Class


Ariana Marie is tired of learning about business ethics and is in the mood for a sex. After the teacher leaves the room her and her classmate Atam starts discussing the fundamentals of healthy living. The two have chemistry together and the classroom is empty.

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She has nice teeth and a cute smile paired with brunette hair and a pair of tits. It really all flows together like several revenue streams pouring into the same bank account. “Can I put my willy wanker in your word cannon?” he recites from a pickup line website. “I think that would be grand!” she responds casually.

Ariana Marie sucks a shaft sporting some bikini tan lines with her strong hand on his balls. Atam enjoys his blow job and gently caresses the desk aside him. After a minute and forty two seconds she lets him fuck her.

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She looks like the girl from Saved By The Bell in this picture. All my childhood fantasies are coming true! Titties swang and he shoves his wang into her pussy thang. The sun shines outside and pours in the window, filling the room with a vibrant, energetic feeling. They pound it out like a weed dealer.

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So she sits up on the desk and he slides up in that pussy with grace like a writer that’s written that same exact line a hundred times. Feeling her ass rub against the marble desk he pushes her forward to spread her ass cheek like peanut butter on well done toast.

Date: April 13, 2017
Actors: Ariana Marie

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