Nicolette Shea hot shower juicy masturbation journey


Nicolette Shea is one of those girls you can only see on some super sexy calendar! Her breathtaking body looks so firm and juicy and this time she’s taking you on a hot shower masturbation journey! She’s probably one of the hottest blondes you can find online, and the way she looks at you will make you want to download this video and replay it many times!

This temptress takes a hot shower and seduces you with the way she touches her body! Her blonde hair falls beautifully on her sexy shoulders, and her lips are beautifully big and wet! As she gets into the shower, the water starts to drip down her divine body and she starts to touch herself. Nicolette Shea starts to lick a stream of hot water just as if it’s a big cock!

She looks so sexy while she does it and you can see that she’s getting more and more horny with every passing second! She puts the shower down and starts to caress her big beautiful round tits! She licks and touches her nipples which get stiffer and she can feel that the orgasm is not so far away! She enjoys this a great deal!

She takes her hand slowly in the direction of her warm fuzzy pink pussy that’s dying to be touched! As she touches her clitoris – it’s like she felt the edge of her orgasm! The camera that’s recording this beautiful scene makes her more and more aroused with the simple knowledge that someone will be watching her superb body! She moans as the rubbing of her clit makes her more and more close to an orgasm! And finally, her body gets to the point where she feels the most intense burning orgasm and a great release of her sexual tension!

Date: September 29, 2017
Actors: Nicolette Shea

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