April O’neil Takes A Bath And Takes A Dick


April O’neil has come a long way since her days of being a reporter and working with the Ninja Turtles. She gets ready for James Deen to come over by taking a bath and shaving her legs. Nice and smooth and ready to play.

April Oneil shaves legs

Peep that ass my G’s. Titties hanging down yet remaining perky, defying the law of gravity. Her ass cheek adjust the water levels while she puts a hand on the wall to remain balanced. She uses the best kind of lotion to make sure her skin is nice and smooth like butter on toast. Then her friend shows up..

And she’s more than ready to pull the dick out its pocket and stuff it in her mouth while she rubs the nuts for maximum pleasure. Her nipples press up against his skin reminding him of how awesome females are. I wonder what they got in those cupboards.

April oneil fucked

Now here’s a nice position, she’s using everything around her to make sure she can handle that dick. He holds her head on straight while he shoves his cock so deep inside of her it’s poking the backside of her belly button in a good way.

Getting a grip on the situation he looks down and reassures himself that he really his banging this hot bish. She moans nice things in his ear like “Oh yeah baby just like that”, “I’m gonna cum!” and she does just that. Erupting like a volcano he works his dick like a magic wand and unties a climax from her system with glee.

Date: February 20, 2017

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