Pristine Edge Gives A Massage With All The Fixings


Pristine Edge is a reliable massage therapist with a clean record and bill of health. She’s ready to please her client and takes to the road when needed. From clothed to panties to naked to sucking dick, all in one fair swoop!

After some price negotiations she makes a house call and gives the best back rub ever experienced by a human being. Noticing an opportunity to make even more money, she adds Reiki to her set of skills.

Stripping down naked the two prepare for some oral sex and other wise. A quality production porn video with some good actors. Pristine Edge graces the adult film industry and is a sure fire with the the fappiest of birds.

The two suck and fuck and rub and touch get lunch and punch the card clock when it’s time to check out. She sucks the pole and he licks the pussy for the camera.

He bust a fat nut on his masseuse and she gets a call from another client. The money is rolling in and the nuts are being squirreled away.

Date: January 27, 2017

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