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Little petite teen Rachel James is ready to enjoy her vacation. She slips out of her panties and bra to reveal her tiny slender body. Her small boobies and perfect pussy are enough to make us unzip our pants and slide our cereal aside.

Porn star Rachel James

Look at that tight little stomach. She’s ready to ride a cock and get her pussy stretched a bit. After sex most likely they will go out to eat and enjoy the fruits of earth. She has a cute little belly button as well, I would lick it. Rachel James is a sexy little porn starlet.

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She lays back and lets him slide a finger inside that tight pussy of hers. She moans in pleasure as she starts getting wet and ready to take a fat cock inside her mouth.

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She sucks that cock with her sweet mouth, rubbing it up and down elegantly. The two porn stars get excited during foreplay and can hardly wait to get to the fucking, which finally happens after she sucks his fat cock for awhile. She wraps her hand around the dick and rubs it up and down like a professional.

Rachel James

He finally slides up inside that tight pussy and everyone loves it. He holds her leg up and jams his thick cock into her tight cunt. She closes her eyes and enjoys the fucking. One hand on her tit he pulls it to the side and squeezes the orange sized chesticle. All the while thrusting in and out of her like a piston in a cars engine. You can hear the V12 power from here.

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Finally he fills her pussy up with a fat load of cum. The epic creampie is felt around the world as this tiny teen pussy is loaded up with a fat load of cum.


Date: January 13, 2017

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