Jodi Taylor Is A Cute Little Lady In The Wild Wild West


She gets fucked harder than me on taxes. Her lover is going away to fight his battles and she must run into town for supplies. But before he leaves she needs to make sure he wont find someone else to fill his needs, Initiation to a sexy moment. She pulls off her dress and dumps out a beautiful pair of titties. Jodi Taylor is an epically sexy porn star with a body made for fucking.

I have that same pillow case, What a small world. The two passionately kiss as the moment heats up. He throws his overalls off and gets ready to receive an amazing blowjob from his lover. This wild west porno flick is enough to get your dick hard.

Look at those perfect nipples. Her titties jiggle as she sucks on a fat cock. It gets wetter and wetter in every aspect. Her corset falls lower and lower revealing more of her perfect porn star body. Jodi Taylor is an epic fuck and she proves it again and again. She has a perfect ass shaped like a half a globe, and all we want to do is bury out face init.

Jodi Taylor takes a dick from behind

WIld west man bends that perfect bitch over and fucks her pussy hard until she moans in pleasure and shakes with passion. The two will not see each other for at least 3 hours so now is the time to fuck and have an orgasm. He shoves his big dick inside of her slapping off her ass like a ping pong ball does a paddle.. MMMM

Rolling over she is ready to take the dick from above and rub her clitoris. Wicked did a great job with the production and acting on this one. The script is pretty intricate and the scene is wonderfully assembled. We could jerk off to this. He channels his vital energy into the productive up and down motions required to elevate Jodi Taylor into an earth shattering reality twisting orgasm that changes her entire world.

The two are doused in passion and inflamed with satisfaction. He shoots a nut high into the air and it lands on her face with a resounding splat. Jodi Taylor knows how to take care of her man and her live stock. Wicked seems to do some great work. The combination of all this together made for a pretty fun porn video to watch. Bust a nut and put your dick away fellas, But don’t forget to come back soon.

Date: January 18, 2017

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