Lucianna Karel Fucks A Crowd of Dudes to get Pregnant


Lucianna Karel is in the market for a baby. Her wishes are simple, yet direct: Have a bunch of dudes fuck her so the baby comes out looking like a multicolored pin wheel. The guys are pretty content with the offer, as they get tasked with fucking the brains out this MILF to be. Laying down on the table she assumes the position and the festivities begin, lighthearted banter ensues in between thrust and nuts.

Lucianna Karel gangbang

Smiling as the potential fathers pump away at her tight pussy, she seams to enjoy the moment. One guy comes in and grabs a hand full of titty. Her tiny pussy gets filled up with cock, one after another, continuous nuts are blasted into her lust bucket. Loving every minute of it like she was a second hand, the next guys in line cannot wait for their turn.

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She gets one last fat nut planted inside of her and smiles in completion. Unsure of if she will have a boy or girl she continues her journey throughout this landscape we call reality and tries to enjoy everyday to the fullest possible extend while simultaneously taking the bad days as lessons and learning to grow from them as a plant doth soil.

Date: May 14, 2017
Actors: Lucianna Karel

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