The Babysitter Needs Some Release


Kimmy Granger plays a sexy little brown haired baby sitter in this video. She seduces and rides daddy with pleasure. Wearing her black little dress she sits and lets her long legs flow like a river to a lake. She only wants to please, and will do anything asked of her to get what she wants. She sucks his big dick for awhile before peeling off her sexy black dress revealing her bra and panties. He does what any man would do in his situation, and gives her what she wants.

She has been holding herself together as one does. She gets on his dick and slowly he penetrates deep inside her. She rides the dick like a captain does his boat, navigating the waves of the sea. He bends her over and feeds her the dick like a penguin at the zoo. Her tight pussy grasp at his pussy coaxing a load from the loaded gun. She comes back to suck the dick a bit longer before he climaxes and releases a pay load that could support Africa for a month.

As you can see Kimmy Granger can bob and weave, catch and release, fondle and hang. She’s one down babysitter who’s ready to fuck and actually insist upon it. Making things easier for dude who is just trying to get a piece. He surely will remember this day for months and even years to come. It could be a memory he replays at the end of his life. He will remember the day he laid the pipe like a pro and the baby sitter loved it. She will remember it as an epic dirty orgasm that made her panties wet when she fantasized on the memory..

Date: December 5, 2016

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