Sexy Ami Emerson humiliated and fucked in a public shop


Ever wanted tips on how to suffer the most humiliation in public? Look no further because Ami Emerson has all the answers for you in this video. She gets held up by a few punk kids in a public store and they’re up to trouble from the get go. They force her on her knees and she starts sucking them off hard while people start noticing the sounds being made. She tries to keep quiet but the hard cock busting down her throat makes her slightly moan.

Ami Emerson

More people start to gather around the scene as she waits for someone to help her out. Nobody does though, and the guys keep going at her. They bend her over in the changing booth and start nailing her from the back making her feel like a slutty little whore. She feels helpless as the guys start filling her up with hot cum.

Ami Emerson

Date: March 8, 2018
Actors: Ami Emerson

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