Pamela Anderson the sexiest, famous and iconic figures


Pamela Anderson is one of the sexiest, famous and iconic figures in the history of America! This staggering blonde became known world wide by presenting her amazing body and most attractive tits while she bounced them around while running on the beaches of Los Angeles in the Baywatch series. She’s originally from Canada and have lots of movies like Raw justice, Barb Wire, Blonde and Blonder and much more, as well as some television series like Baywatch, Improvement, and V.I.P.

She became one of the hottest girls in the world when she posed the first time in a Playboy magazine in February 1990th. Pamela was one of the synonyms for a hot girl. She participated in lots of hot photoshoots during her life time, so many of her hot naked pictured ended up on the many boy’s rooms. Pamela proved just how crazy and wild she is the first time she made a sex tape with Tommy Lee.

The whole world had seen her amazing body and those perfect tits while they fucked on a boat, and that crazy video sailed the world. This blonde was at the peak of her world popularity and she loved it! The second time, she did a sex tape with a musician Bret Michaels from the group Poison, and the world got to see only 4 minutes of it since they managed to successfully block the video from being released in full.

In this second video, Pamela demonstrates her dazzling body as well as her great blowjob skills! In any case, Pamela has been a true inspiration to the world, for boys as well for the girls. This sex bomb has defined the sexy in the years of their life, and many of her hot naked collection of pictures are still available on the Internet!

Date: September 5, 2017
Actors: Pamela Anderson

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