Kimmy Granger Has Sex With A Detective To Get Off The Hook


Escort Kimmy Granger is looking to make some money to buy her grandmother a new bong. She decides she transform cum into money by fucking dudes for cash. She walks in the door like a Unicorn walks into a bar, Horny. My dad told me never trust a man with a black refrigerator, and I should have past that advice towards Kimmy Granger.

She walks in a short dress as if she was a air stewardess, her heels clamp on the floor, clunk clunk. “How are you today?” she asks, “Kinda irritated it seems like everyone is fucking me over” he replies irritated with himself. “Oh nice let me suck your dick and shit on your toilet” she replies back chirpily.

So next thing is fuckhead cop tells her that he’s a cop. So she is like “What the fuck dude?” and pulls his dick out. He’s all like “I wont tell if you wont”, and she starts rubbing his cock and puts it in her mouth like a skitjtle. She stuffs his balls in her mouth and taste the sweet sweet nectar that is ball sweat.

Bending over she takes a dick from behind like a damp champ. Crotch on fleek, Dick on stick. She handles the cock like rolling handles a rock. Stretching her pussy out a bit while she rubs her clit, lickity split she be lovin the dick. Kimmy Granger is a wonderful porn star who enjoys her job and does well at it. She was at AVN this year to take pictures with fans. She is looking to be a top competitor for the Olympics next year with her quality blowjob skills and questionable tactics.

Here she is taking the dick in another position, like 14 longitude and 19 latitude is where the gold is hidden. She carries an ace of spades in her butt cheeks, You could say she has a trick up her ass.

She catches a cum shot like a free throw off the backboard. Allowing it to drip down her face and moisturize her skin. Kimmy Grangers porn was great. Hopefully you all got a nut and cleaned it up with a napkin instead of just wiping it on your forehead like me.

Date: January 30, 2017

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