Suzy Rainbow And Kristina Miller Have Passionate Lesbian Sex


These two look great in silky white threads. Slow and sensually they rub each others body stimulating nerve endings in a positive way. Looking so good like a sun rise from a seven star hotel over looking the ocean.

Suzy Rainbow and Kristina Miller

The two kiss and rub each others pussies. That ass looks mint in those panties. Soon to be even more see through.

Sliding a finger into her pleasure socket. Boobies wiggling like Ice Bergs in the ocean while she moans in pleasure. This may be one of the best lesbian sex videos. Sliding those panties to the side like she pulled the E-Brake.

Pulling the windows open she licks up the crack with an asshole in her face resembling bling a third eye. The two get a little wild with it letting all inhibitions slide off like snow from the roof. After this sex session they surely did get some food to eat. If not they are probably pretty skinny by now. The two lesbians fuck each other in a sexy fashion while they wait.

Date: January 23, 2017

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