Lily Labeau Fucks Her Dinner Date At The Restaurant


Lily Labeau is a kinky little fish. She talks her dinner date whom she refers to as daddy into fucking her in public on the table where they just ate. “It doesn’t seem like a terrible idea” he thinks out loud, pulling her in for a kiss and a titty squeeze. Lily Labeau is a kinky porn star with a knack for blow jobs and a hand for back rubs.

Lily Labeau featured

Lily Labeau goes on a dinner date

The two start kissing at the table while this on looker looks on in suprise. He grabs her by the waist and pulls her close, rubbing her belly button against his belt buckle sexily. It actually looks like they haven’t even eaten yet, so it’s about to be the best desert ever.

Lily Labeau titties

He nibbles on her nipples like a well seasoned pro, enjoying the taste as if it was a perfectly cooked piece of chicken. Making sure he doesn’t bite it hard enough to take a chunk out though. She looks up to the sky and starts counting the clouds and comets flying through the sky.

Lily Labeau

She settles on her side and he slides in like a hot dog in a bun. The rest of the people in the rest area are just hanging out watching calmly while sipping wine. Honestly it’s better than what’s on TV i’m sure, though I have never been much a television connoiseseur.

Lily Labeau missionary

Lily Labeau has a nicely trimmed pussy in this scene. I’m sure it’s nicely trimmed in the other scenes as well, we just get a solid view of the art work here. She has a sexy frame that holds a great pair of boobies and a well sculpted ass. Leonardo DaVinici would have a hard time reinventing such perfection.

Lily Labeau cumshot

Lily Labeau sucks the dick and the dude cums hard. She licks it up and swallows most of it. Loving every moment of every moment she is satisfied and decides to order a turkey sandwich when the waiter comes around.


Date: March 28, 2017
Actors: Lily Labeau

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