Elena Koshka Tries Anal For The First Time And It’s Wonderful


Elena Koshka is a sexy Russian porn star. Super sexy with all the right curves. A perfect ass and a wonderful pair of tits I would love to bust a fat nut on. I wouldn’t fap for a week straight just so I could shoot some fluid. She starts this video with a bit of modeling and showing off her outfit before getting down to business and stuffing a cock in her mouth like stuffing in a chicken butt.

Elena Koshka Nude

But first she needs to get those pesky clothes off! Adam and Eve status. She’s popping apples like xanax and smoking cocks like Virginia Slims.

Elena Koshka Giving Blowjob

A little flick of the wrist creates a rub on the clit. Sending pleasurable chemicals rushing through their brains. She chokes on the dick like a toddler chokes on their own spit. She’s not into baby making, but she’s got a lot of practice. Anal sex with this Russian babe would be amazing.

Elena Koshka Pussy Licked

Elena lays back and gets her pussy licked up before it gets dicked down. Wetter than a full cup of wine she’s ready for some dick.

Elena Koshka Anal

Wish has been granted. Relaxing on the bed she wiggles a big cock into her anus. Rocking back and forth it feels as if her asshole will be turned inside out, but she practiced for this.

Elena Koshka Anal Sex

Lift her up and put that ass up in the air and cram your dick down her spine. Her eyes roll back into her head to review her most important memories. Her white teeth gleam in the sun while her pussy is open to the clean mountain air. The two shared a wonderful anal fuck and are off to celebrate and get some dinner before riding around in the sports car and coming home for one last fuck until next time.

Date: January 15, 2017

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