Hot Blonde Elsa Jean Has A Quickie Before Work


Elsa Jean is a sexy little piece of ass with a petite frame and a cute angelic face that shines rays of sunshine with every glance and smile. Wearing a tight dress she prepares for work when her boyfriend walks in with no clothes on dick swangin’, camera in hand.

Elsa Jean Girlfriend Fuck

Warming up to the idea she pulls her skirt up so he can fondle her butt checks and get a good grip on the situation. Her phone charges in the background preparing itself for a long day of messaging and calls. She sets her lip stick down and moves on to the next task..

Which just so happens to be sucking a dick. Elsa Jean wraps her mouth around the fat cock and sucks the life from it like a vampire its victim before the two stand up and run to the bedroom in a rush of lust and anticipation.

Once in the bedroom he stuffs his thick cock into her tiny pussy and the two enjoy a moment of unbridled joy and passion. Thighs slapping against her ass he grabs a handful of ass and gives it a squeeze.

Elsa Jean sex

Tossing her on her side she pulls a leg up and he slides in with a birds eye view. Moaning and grunting ensures as the two fuck out all tension leaving nothing but a calm peaceful feeling of relaxation and contentment.

Elsa Jean lays back and gets a fat load of cum planted on her face. Wiping it off she runs off to work to make it to the meeting on time.


Date: February 20, 2017

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