Riley Reid And Megan Rain Fuck The Neighbor


Best friends Riley Reid and Megan Rain are ready for an adventure. The two jump the fence to their neighbors yard to take a dip in the pool. There is no stopping the daring duo now, they have made the hop. Their petite frames house souls and character while the greens litter the background. Peeling off their jean shorts they are ready for action. Riley Reid is fairly horny for her friend, and is already thinking of all the ways she can make the move and make it right.

Getting wet and bouncing around in white panties before the neighbor walks over like “What the fuck are you doing in my pool?”. The two unsure of how to handle the situation immediately start making out. The dude gets turned on like this and with the turn of a key the two girls are sucking his cock out in his lawn.

It’s a wonderful moments all around. “I can’t believe I ever cared about my ex so much” the guy thought, getting his dick sucked. “She really was a heartless bitch” he reminds himself, glad he hadn’t an emotion for the two here at all. They choked on his cock and were ready to get fucked.

Passionately ridden like a pony at the fair, Riley Reid gets her pussy all filled up with cock. She’s a cock master, she hath mastered the cock. If you could get a scroll that turned you from apprentice cock sucker to professional cock sucker, Riley Reid and Megan Rain would be the angels that hand deliver it to your door.

Date: February 19, 2017

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