Gina Valentina Fucks The Private Investigator


Gina Valentina is a pretty girl with dark hair a pair of titties and an ass to die for. In this production she hires a private investigator to keep tabs on her boyfriend. The private investigator comes to her house with the results, he had been cheating, and she wanted revenge. She promptly starts seducing him towards the bedroom.

With a face like that, I’m sure it wasn’t hard for him to agree. “One of the perks of the job..” he said as he took her hand and walked towards the bed.

Gina Valentina fucks private investigator

Working her magic she covers her butt hole and farts into her hand quietly. The sound subtly causes an eruption of lust within his nut sack. Unsure of what to do with the energy he dispels it back into the universe to do his bidding.

Gina Valentina gives blowjob

Unwinding his zipper she allows his cock to enter her mouth where she caverns it like a caveman does a fire pit. Sucking good and long, she embraces the moment and enjoys the taste of the cock. Grunts in the air let us know that emotions are running high. The private investigator gets excited and can’t wait to shove a dick into Gina Valentina.

Gina Valentina sex

He goes at it missionary and in the porn video rotates through varying positions hitting all the right spots like a dart throw by a professional. Her boobies jiggle and she flaps her thighs like a set of bird wings.

Date: February 12, 2017

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