Kimmy Granger Is My Kind Of Sexy


We took to Kimmy Granger’s Instagram to scoop the goods and we returned with a plentiful load. She’s A sexy Ice Cream on a hot afternoon. With an ass ascended directly from the gods into flesh we’re blessed. Take a look here at how hot Kimmy Granger is my G.

kimmy-granger-in-a-bikini kimmy-granger-in-cotton-panties kimmy-granger-in-bra-and-panties kimmy-granger-lays-on-bed kimmy-granger-in-lingerie kimmy-grangers-ass-is-perfect kimmy-granger-instagram-1

It’s not hard to see just how sexy she is. Look at that tight body. I’d take her out for coffee and would pay for her Cinnamon roll. If she blessed me with sexy time I’d be stoked like a 2 stroke engine in a sand pit. I’d pay $50,000 to be her panties for a few minutes. I’d be happy if I could poke my phallus around her insides to say the least.

kimmy-granger-has-a-perfect-ass kimmy-granger-on-a-boat-in-a-bikini kimmy-granger-naked-in-the-shower kimmy-granger-black-gown

There isn’t much we wouldn’t do to see that ass get smashed out. If not by me at least let me watch. You can watch her in this video play an innocent baby sitter and then peel off her black dress and get railed. It’s a pretty good one for sure.

Date: December 5, 2016

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