Lyra Law Gets Picked Up And Fucked For Cash Money


Lyra Law is a sexy little blond with a tight body that reminds me of a perfectly rolled blunt I want to smoke. I get horny just looking at this porn video. She gets picked up hitchhiking a long the road by a stud and after a brief conversation the two realize they want to fuck each other good.

She hops in the car and the two get down to business. He feels her up running his hand up her leg, her pussy gets wet. The two exchange a glance of fuck yeah this is gonna be some good content. Lyra Law the hot fucking teen with perfect tits wearing a mini skirt and holding a sign hops in the car.

Throwing on a sexy face she starts rubbing that perfect pussy and her nipples become erect not unlike his dick. Her perfect teeth shimmer and give way to her gorgeous eyes. She wears a choker chain which automatically means she is ready to suck a cock.

Rubbing that pussy the engine roars. She runs her hand down her vagina and stimulates her love box into a juicing healthy frenzy.

Lyra Law sucks a dick!

They move outside to get that fucking on. She puts a big cock in her mouth and runs it up and down her throat like a true professional. A sexy fucking blonde teen ready to handle the cock. An epic porn video made for the big screen.

Lyra sits down on that cock and stuffs it deep inside her pussy it touches all the way to her rib cage. She gets excited and speeds up. She could do this for ever it’s easy and she loves it. Glad she found the industry and this actor that she can fuck, the two do fuck.

She gets intuit more and pounds down hard. Turning that pussy inside out. He cums hard and she gets paid.

Date: January 18, 2017

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