Ass cheek painter Alex Blake gets a gooey facial


Alex Blake is a sexy young teen who is outdoors painting the fence. She is wearing a skimpy outfit and she has all of her assets revealed. Her ass hangs from her ripped up short shorts and her boobs are almost out. This catches the eye of a next door neighbor who comes along to see what’s up. Since he is there, Alex Blake gave him a teasing session that made his cock go up.

Alex Blake

She’s is on his cock sucking it and he is licking her pussy. She slides down on that meaty big thing and moves her hips in a way that feels the best for her vagina. The dude plows her as hard as possible and the both of them are close to reaching the climax. He takes his long hose before Alex Blake’s  face and cums all over her gorgeous face for a nice glaze.

Alex Blake

Date: January 4, 2018
Actors: Alex Blake

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