Ass fucked Erin Grey getting her hole spread for the holidays


As the holidays roll by, Erin Grey is becoming more and more giving. Especially in sex, her bf got that opportunity to finger fuck her ass and Erin responded in good spirits. As he poked and prodded her ass, Erin Grey got more and more into it and before you know it, she started to get wet in both of her holes. It is not Erin’s 1st Xmass with her man, but this one was special.

Erin Grey

He then got Erin in the doggy style position and fucked that as the best way he knew. She is moaning like crazy since that dick in her is getting her to her climax and she wants to cum both with her ass and her vagina. Drilling her with long hard strokes made Erin Grey cum but she still wasn’t done yet. Her ass was craving for more and more is what she got!

Erin Grey

Date: December 19, 2017
Actors: Erin Grey

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