Bailey Brooke Fucks Like A Rabbit To Save Her Marriage


Bailey Brooke is a curvy blonde that wants to save her marriage with sex and blow jobs. Knowing the heart and penis works to her advantage. Lifting the stress from mind like birds from a wire. To get her warmed up he eats her pussy while she manages their finances to margin in a boat.

Pussy licking is a colorful and flavorful pass time. Akin to writing or drawing, he swirls his tongue round the clitoris dipping his paintbrush in every color imaginable along the way.

He pokes his penis into the picture. She forgot how good it was but he’s about to remind her. The two fluff the pillows before she takes his dick deep down inside like the wine cellar under the rug. Her boobies are at rest giving a feeling of deserved reward.

Baily Brooke gets laid

He puts her head to the table so she can hear the ocean. She meditates and regains focus. Her sexy ass pussy gets stuffed with a big fat cock that even Google couldn’t ignore. A red solo cups sits on the table reflecting an unseen angle of the two having passionate sex to save their marriage before it falls into ruin.

Date: January 22, 2017
Actors: Bailey Brooke

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