College Counselor Makes A Sex Tape With Student Alina


This sly college counselor talks this sexy petite Asian into making a sex tape with him. The two get together and do the deed with such passion and lust that for a second we nearly forget we’re watching a video at all. Alina Li is a young willing participant and handles the dick like a seasoned chicken breast.


You can tell she gets a bit excited after she lets in her counselor and the two start talking. There’s clearly some sexual energy in the room and the two begin to get loose without any drinks or anything, Just pure wantingness to fuckington.


You can see she peels these tight jeans off from around her petite yet lucious thighs to reveal a splendid pussy fragrant and fresh. He delves into the given fruit without any hesitation and promptly is balls deep in the tightest pussy he has ever imagined imagining.


She rides on the big dick and rocks her way into extasy all the while moaning and talking a fantastic sexy talk to her partner ensuring his erection and thrust perfection all the way to take off. Alina Li surely is a wonderful girl created by the heavens and fucked by the pole in varying positions and depths. Rock on with your cock out!

Date: January 1, 2017

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