Petite White Girl Fucked By Her Dads Friend


So this petite white chick with a little pair of titties and a tight waist gave me a little bit of an erection perfection. She walks all up on his house dock and is like “Yo yo yo daddy’s friend!” and he was like “AYE BAY BAY”. Needless to say the two porn actors decide to fuck. Which isn’t hard to believe under Nubiles direction.

Petite white girl fucked by dads friend

They both lean in for an everlasting kiss. She bites his lower lip a little bit enticing an eruption of volcanic passion a pinch below his tummy line. She feels his aura and is lifted a foot from the ground in a spectacular feat of levitation. The two intertwine to create a lust inducing porn video of the highest quality.

Petite white girl fucked

He shoves his hand down her sexy panties after rubbing on her smooth thighs, Moaning in passion she enjoys the moment second to second. The comfy couch contours to their size and surrounds them in comfort. He rubs her pussy clockwise for a minute or two while biting her neck like a vampire collecting vital essence to prolong his life.

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He pushes her over and gets beind her. Shoving a cock deep inside and thrusting in and out like a space ship low on rocket fuel. She loves it and lets a few notes slip out her freshly glossed lips.

Fucking friends daughter

Switching it up he gets on top and rides her like a kid rides an ostrich around the farm. She grabs hold the sofa and and her necklace bounces up and down on her neck.

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He finally decides to let loose a shot after she came. She gets down on one knee and sucks the nut out of him like a thirsty marathon runner. Adjusting his foreskin as one does the volume on the stereo, his eyes roll back in his head and he groans in ecstasy.


Date: March 27, 2017

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