Kiera Winters Gets Her Panties Wet For Us And Masturbates


Kiera Winters is a petite teen with a knack for getting her knickers wet. She’s proud of her colorful panties and wants everyone to get a taste of the rainbow. Her panties shade a perfect pussy like an engine cover. I’d turn that key as soon as I walk in the door.

Kiera Winters Panties

She pokes her ass up in the air and shows us what she’s working with. The light shine downs illuminating her panties and heating up dinner. She makes sure to get nice and wet so she can sell those panties online. The margins are pretty good, she buys a pair for like $5 and her fans buy used panties from her for like $25+. Passive income and fun in union? You fucking know it.

Kiera Winters Shows Pussy

Here we see Kiera Winters practicing her DJ skills on her love box. She gives her panties a little tug, both rubbing her pussy and itching her ass hole in one fair swoop. She likes to add some tang to them. Toying with herself a bit more she gets her box of toys out and gets ready to peel that sweet sweet clothe from pussy and jam a toy in there.

Kiera Winters Lip Bite

Here we see her nice titties and perky nipples. A cute little lip bite lets you know she’s ready for business. There isn’t many other things that Kiera Winters likes to do aside from shoot porn and sell panties. But if you’re wondering, she likes to read books and watch Netflix as well. Plus giving herself a good fucking is on the top of the list.

Kiera Winters two dildos

Here we see Kiera Winters dual weilding sex toys working her pussy like Bruce Lee with a punching bag. She hits every angle with the help of math class. Bringing her so close to orgasm she can hear the angels singing. Moaning sexily enough to give your friend in the next town over a boner. She surely knows how to push her own buttons but we still wish she would invite us.

Date: February 19, 2017

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