Molly Jane Is A Seductive Sex Kitten


Molly Jane walks into the room and time stops. Dude puts on a blind fold because he cannot stand the heat. She swoops down and starts pulling at his pants without missing a beat, but first she needs to make her way over and take a load off her feet.

Molly Jane in sexy panties and bra

She makes her way up his chest with her mouth. He’s getting excited he knows what’s going down. Her ass in the air and some heels on her feet. This day is turning to be something real sweet. The thong rides up the crack of her ass. I’d pull it out with my teeth. Next she takes the penis and rubs it between her tits. A titty job is what we call that my friend.

She puts the dick in her mouth and her hair in his hand. She loves the taste. Next thing Molly Jane really wants to do, is to jump up on that cock and then start to screw.

That is what she does and the timing is right, she has all she needs even the perfect of light. She throws herself down on that cock with a giggle. Giving her hips and her nose a lil wiggle. She loves the dick and making porno movies. And if you ask me I’d say that’s pretty groovy.

Date: January 23, 2017
Actors: Molly Jane

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