German Chick Gets Fucked In The Bathtub


This german chick has pierced nipples and some perfume in the water. Dude has a tiny dick but she stroked it anyway. He has some pretty good thighs though, makes me want to workout. The girl is pretty, they all look the same after posting hundreds of these. German girl with white teeth strokes cock. The water is pink.

German Chick

She looks back like a ghost just walked in the door. “What the fuck?” she thinks. “I brought good ideas” he responds.

german doggy style

The situation turns into sex. “I’d like to buy some real estate” she moans under her breath. “I’d like to hire a maid” he responds with ease. The tile looks like a row of eyes horizontal. Took a couple minutes of thrusting in this position for power to accumulate in his nut sack. Gun loaded, Brain shifted, Target highest potential realized ever.


She sucks his dick and eventually he has an orgasm that could shake mountains. The two take a nap after.

Date: February 15, 2017

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