Jemma Valentine Gets Fucked In The Ass By Two Dudes


Jemma Valentine is a frequent flyer on Ass Traffic. She wears a cut up dress hand made in her room one late Thursday night while under the influence of Dionysus. Two huge cocks become apparent. Jemma handles them meticulously guaranteeing a nut and getting her ass hole stretched to the maximum circumference maintainable at her current level of experience.

She takes that dress off and also her heals especially first.  A wonderful website is on the screen in the background. She sucks a dick for awhile giving a magnificently beautifully wonderfully satisfying blow job.

Resting her hand on the glass while he crams his big dick in her mouth intertwining semen and spit into a porn video cocktail.

She bends over and takes a dick in the ass while she gets another one in the mouth. She looks back briefly to make sure your watching. The two grind up and down like hustlas.

Finally she gets on her knees and accepts a climax in her mouth one at a time. He ejaculates like a bullet from a gun. She brushes her teeth and drinks a Brisk iced tea after the video is over.


Date: January 27, 2017

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