Bree Olson Fucks A Chinese Senator To Strengthen International Relations


Bree Olson is at it again with the pussy. This time around she’s saving the world one fuck at a time. Bringing countries together through sexual favors while releasing tension at the same time. She sports a sexy bikini and a plump set of titties well worth admiring for a moment. Free bree olson porn galleries are surely a gift from above. Compiled and curated to fill our needs and spark our passions.

She wears a golden chain and a hitachi necklace, that’s real sheep fur around her neck as well, no sheep were harmed in the making of this porn video. The Chinese man peers elegantly through his bifocals allowing himself to be entranced by the blonde goddess at his bed side. He whispers into her ear from a comfortable distance: “Bree Olson, will you suck my cock?” to which she replies “Yes of course!” with a little happy dance.

Bree Olson blowjob

She bows gracefully and sucks his nob with glee and affection. “Happy to be of service sir!” she whispers into his dick hole. He can only murmur a groan of approval as he stares into the ceiling fan and enjoys the epic blowjob that has been bestowed upon him. Bree has had enough of this mouth workout for the day and is ready to get some dick thrown in her.. She pulls off her panties and whips them through the air like a home run pitch.

Bree Olson loves the cock

Bree Olson doggy style

She lays down and lifts her ass up for key less entry. He slides inside her like a coconut from a tree. Bouncing into once another like some kind of soul mate reunion, the two moan and groan like a lobster in the pot. Her nice titties remain tucked inside of her bra, while her cute face contorts and dances with the rise and fall of her sexual partners lust chemicals. The two fuck like this for several minutes before settling all disputes and conforming to world peace. By the power of porn, we now pronounce you, dick and pussy.


Date: February 9, 2017

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