Dude Returns From Virtual Reality to Bang Girlfriend And Her Mom


Dude here is having a fun time in a virtual world when suddenly his girlfriends mom decides to put the moves on him. He’s quick with the words and lights up the room with his open mindedness. She admires it before whispering in his ear “Is this better than Virtual Reality..?” to which he replies “I don’t know, I was playing baseball in there not watching

yet, but good idea!” , She tells him to put the game down and pulls out his dick.

She pulls out his dick and strokes it for awhile while he finishes up in his Virtual Reality game. His girlfriend sleeps on the side but is really wide awake, listening to her mom seduce her boyfriend in real time. The milfs titties are plump and full of life, hanging beautifully from her chest. She’s ready to get some cock and take this porn to the next level. He gives his bag a tug and joins in on the idea.

Riding the cock is one of her favorite things to do. One day we will be able to put on a pair of goggles and grasp a flesh light and fuck girls right in the Virtual Reality. She wears some sexy clothes and rides the dick up and down while her daughter sleeps. Her heels clap off the couch only adding to the sexual emotion in the room. His dick vein becomes so engorged in blood she can feel it touch the back of her anus and rub it a little bit.

The girlfriend wakes up and she realizes her mom is banging her boyfriend. At first she is hesitant but her mom tells her it’s going to be okay and puts a hand over her mouth to muffle the complaints. She slides her thong to the side and slips a finger in there, as the situation gets a little hotter.

Finally he bends over this dumb cunt and fucks her as well. The three enjoy and intimate moment and after the guy goes back to his VR game and enjoys a bit of play before work tomorrow. Having just banged out his girlfriend and his girlfriend moms he’s bound to call it a day.

Date: February 9, 2017

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