Katy Perry Puts A Resume In


Katy Perry is a hungover actress with a face and a following that’s looking for a side job. She decided she wanted to work at a small general store in a village in a snow globe on the counter beside the fire place next to the hotel. She smiles and gets in her white BMW A8984j and drives to the market place near the fucking store.


katy perry superwoman

Her boobies jiggle as she walks down the sidewalk on her way to get a gig. With black hair and a tattoo near her arm pit, she confidently strolls along when suddenly a parrot catches her eye. “I shall have you for dinner” she thinks to herself, quickly looping the bird with a lasso.

KP blue dress

She decides against the job and instead walks back to her apartment to cook the parrot she just got. After she eats the parrot she takes off her blue dress and wraps the leftovers up in it. After eating the left overs she drives to a photo shoot and snaps this picture. The parrot reincarnated as a squirrel that jumps from the white picket fence to her shoulder and eats the cherries.

Katy perry instagram

She has earrings and boobs and lipstick and a flower garden. It’s not that she isn’t impressed, she’s just eyeing a tasty looking plate of Chinese food actually in China. She jumps from her seat to grab hold the delicious looking plate bumping the night stand and knocking the TV remote to the floor.

Date: January 27, 2017

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